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Kind of a strange morning out there on the internets… learning that BoJo leaves classified documents lying around where his Russian asset ninth wife (some satire applies), who’s given the passcode to the apartment to her girlfriends, can get her hands on them; learning that a disgusting invasive fish species Misgurnus anguillicaudatus has penetrated lower mainland waters from looking at a beautiful wildlife photo of a merganser; reading we’ll with certainty hit 420 ppm of atmospheric carbon dioxide this year and we’ve raised atmospheric co2 by 50% since the start of the industrial revolution; it’s 100 percent humidity and 100 percent precipitation and 40 kph winds and hanging on the freezing mark in Reykjavik, so my Icelandic chum referred to it as Slagveður, which means ‘battle weather’ and is pronounced slag veth ish (her response to me saying ‘Hanging on the freezing point and the atmosphere basically water, mixed with 40kph wind? A fine spring day in many parts of Canada lol’ was the gif of Snoopy snickering behind his paw; THERE WERE FUCKING NAZI FLAGS ON PARLIAMENT HILL YESTERDAY and that will never be funny or okay or acceptable or free speech; I GOT 38 KUDOS OVERNIGHT mostly on my new story, and most of my usual fans showed up; it’s the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday and just after the fifth anniversary of the mosque shooting in Quebec (the memorial march for which was cancelled because THERE FUCKING NAZI FLAGS ON PARLIAMENT HILL YESTERDAY) (AHousefather’s tweet: So let’s spell out what some members of the convoy accomplished on Saturday. Taking food from the homeless, flying swastikas and confederate flags, desecrating the war memorial & Terry Fox statue, throwing a beer can at a reporter. Busy day.); people are already freezing to death from the northeaster blowing through the US this weekend, thousands without power, more wind and snow coming; Canada is rapidly approaching the death count per capita of the UK, and for those of you struggling to keep up, please bear in mind that BOTH the UK and Canada are LYING BY OMISSION and LYING BY not having rigorous standards for reporting COVID deaths, so the real numbers will not be known until the statisticians do their deep dive, ever supposing the world stops being a whirligig of genocidal governments pretending that the biosphere is infinite.

And week in, week out, disabled Canadians on twitter report that their friends are giving up. We’re into our third year on COVID and so many disabled Canadians are gutted at how little their needs are being taken into account that they’d rather go the MAID route. So I had the special horror this morning of reading how a disabled guy UNKNOWINGLY drove his disabled friend to the hospital for the big sleep yesterday. I cannot imagine how he feels but it makes me weep just thinking on it.

And I’m going to the Sauna today. Jarmo and Susanna are in town and Mike and I are going to meet them. I read up on specific dos and don’ts to people who’ve survived their children just in case my mouth tries to do something my brain’s still having an opinion on…Yes of course this represents a COVID risk, I know it. I also know everyone’s vaccinated and Hastings Sauna is stringent about vaccinations and cleanliness.

I do not know why I couldn’t go to a concert and want to go to the Sauna but I am sure constant readers may hazard a guess, possibly involving nudity. I should mention that Paul left at half time (he very much enjoyed the concert up until that point) when to his horror the concertgoers all crowded into the foyer and he said FUCK THIS NOISE I’ve been exposed to ’nuff aerosol! home I go. And he walked home, (because I bought a ticket for a local production that both of us could walk to…) and he told me last night on the phone that he’s stopped driving at night. I’ll be uneasy until he quits driving altogether but constant readers know I’ve felt that way since 1983.

We went for a walk in Fraser Foreshore. I drove. Almost more dogs than people AND A FUCKING SCHNAUZER who looked like he had a more expensive haircut than most humans ON A LEASH JUMPED ON ME. I said, in a tone of voice that could peel paint, “I don’t like Schnauzers” mostly because one bit Katie AND THEY ALWAYS SEEM TO BE OWNED BY FUCKING IDIOTS but I restrained myself from punting the nice Chinese lady’s dog and confined myself to a cheery wave as she drove off. Water on the banks more than half a metre higher than normal, tide or no (meltwater and rain). >>>FINALLY deposited the cheque from the fOlks. Also got to watch Paul use a bank machine to deposit a cheque. It took him three times longer to do exactly the same thing as me and I ended up (shitty of me I know) grabbing the cheque out of his hand and feeding into the slot making the gobbling noises. He said, “It takes me longer to do things these days,” and apparently he’s going on blood sugar meds soon too. We’re all crocks, and those who are not are pre-crocks.

Anyway, I’m being a complete jerk on twitter this am, maybe I should channel all that jerkiness into a hot takes letter to my auntie Mary.

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