No concert

I was supposed to go to a concert at Massey Hall last night and didn’t. I gave Paul the ticket I bought for him. I’ll hear about the concert today I guess. My anxiety was so bad I just couldn’t face it. I deliberately tried to do something that didn’t involve a lot of travel or an unfamiliar venue, and I just …. couldn’t. I think I’ll give up trying unless it’s filking with locals.

I spend a ton of money on the tickets too. I just couldn’t go. At least Paul did.

Posting the ‘stuck’ story today, it’s finally done. Clocked in just under 9 K words. Yes mOm I will forward the link.

My UK fan is taking a break, but two other people left kudos on my most recent story. (Which is funny, it’s one of the funniest I’ve ever written actually.)

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