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9973 words, no kudos, lots of fermentation happening.

I seem to have handled the medication changes reasonably well.

Cow appreciates man outstanding in his field.

Did some kind of weird EDS thing to my knee yesterday – the tendons on the back of my knee wandered around and it hurt like hell but I put it down to how I hadn’t been using my insole-slippers and once I found them and started using them again the pain started to lift and when I woke up this morning it was gone.

Buster’s communication board is inbound.  I’m excited and concerned that he’ll just ignore it, but I know for a fact I’m not going to have any problem reselling it for what I paid for it…. so I’m not too worried. This morning he didn’t want to come into the bathroom with me and walked into the kitchen. I figured he wanted the door rather than skritches so in the bathroom I said “Do you want the door?” I let him out and then raced downstairs to open the cat door. Within seconds he’d come back in the cat door and was staring at it. I couldn’t tell whether he wanted me to close the door again (he wants that sometimes if there’s a mean cat outside) but after a second he trotted away and quit glaring at the door, so I brushed him for a while.

I owe Jeff a meal so we’re going to pick something up from IHOP.

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