Jiggety jig

Excellent night of sleep. Ryker’s teething but didn’t hear a peep out of him all night so that was good. My auntie Mary arrived by cab with a book of Scythian grave goods and I hadn’t seen half the illustrations and photos so that was amazing. She also gave me a copy of all the newspaper clippings from when I was seen by the Queen of England at Pionera in Saskatoon in 1959 and the biography of an archaeologist.

We went after that to the Country Bee, and then after that mOm and pOp peeled off to go home after a simply exhaustingly wonderful visit; we went on to the Butterfly house, and then I’ll just drop a hanky over what happens when three people with ADD get trapped in a car. Once again I didn’t acquit myself well but Alex and Katie are still speaking to me so …. yeah. Gentle parenting is very very hard to do. I applaud Katie for her efforts and her success.

Came home, ate cheesies and drank beer and watched Foyle’s War.

I have pictures; after consideration I decided not to post them.

Everybody have a peaceful and productive day! I am back to the salt mines of writing today, and if that doesn’t work out for me, I can always go for a walk, clean things, write letters, and sleep.

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