Much exceptionality to yesterday

Guest 23 arrived, and I have a poem in it. I very carefully sat and read the entire thing, in order, when I received it, and I am very very grateful to be published among such amazing manipulators of English. All of the poems spoke to me and three in particular moved me to tears. I think Dave did an amazing job of editing; the flow of the poems, one to the next, is deft and compelling.

Then the FluentPet board got delivered. I’ll be setting it up shortly. I will report back in due course.

Ran dishwasher, cleaned up Buster’s abscess a bit more. It’s yucky, poor lamb.

AND I managed to send off 1000 words to mOm. One kudo overnight, 11424 words.

Still a little WTF about having a tire explode less than two metres from my face, while I was looking at it. I may end up giving the damned bike to someone who’ll actually use it. I want an electric trike with a trailer, but there’s no place to put it, so no.

Jeff is experiencing terrible tooth pain but he’s received antibiotics and will probably have the tooth removed shortly. Sadface. I do not enjoy it when I can’t do anything practical to help people in pain except maybe stay out of their way.


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