Tim Horton’s has been scolded by the Privacy Commissioner MAN I’VE NEVER BEEN SO GLAD NOT TO HAVE A CELL PHONE

Leo and Linda have safely arrived back in Victoria. Or so I assume, no wild phone calls.

Duggy Sluggy got back in in Ontario. The media and Russian money really are doing a number on Canadian politics. I predict that disabled people will be killing themselves en masse on his doorstep before this is all over.

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JUST FOUND OUT ALEX IS GOING TO BE HERE SATURDAY because he’s having a sleepover with grammy Suzanne and we rearranged cleaning dates this week so he’ll be with her. SO CHUFFED. I am so glad she’s part of my family. She didn’t have to ask but she did because she’s CIVILIZED which I told her.

The Addams Family in Japan by Matsuyama Miyabi scanged from tumblr user dduane


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