a meal, a ride for a friend

We’re still sorting out the dishwasher, but the free movement of water issue seems to be cracked, thank you Jeff.

Around 11 am I baked two chicken breasts, pulled out some salad, steamed some carrot medallions and nuked up a potato. It was a very nice brunch to lunch.

I called Paul to condole with him on Jim, and he asked for a ride home from his volunteer job at the charity second hand store because it was a bit too slippery out there for him, and getting dark. I was glad I had the opportunity.

On the way home I had just enough energy to get two 5 inch pies from The Pie Hole – an apple and a butter pecan that was SPECTACULARLY GOOD. Jeff and I have been feeling poopy so that cheered us up.  I am definitely feeling some of the more off colour effects of the new medication but I imagine I’ll adjust soon. I also ordered an enormous Purdy’s Christmas chocolate package for Jeff (and myself) to address the ‘not feeling all that great’. I mean, what can it hurt.

I am not really writing. I’ll be back to it soon enough.

Nita and Jim Christmas Day 2003