sad news

Jerome and Shannon are getting divorced. Their wedding (I wrote an extensive review September 7 2008) was nigh perfect and I entertained such high hopes. It sounds reasonably amicable. We traded other bad news. (Cancer, dementia, more dementia, issues around caregiving). I’ll see them both, plus their kids, on the 28th.


Just, damn.

Still feel crappy

However I’m working away on fixing it.

Tomorrow I go to the hairdresser and git my head overdid.

Towels are in the laundry.

I have finished the first season of Gentleman Jack.  She has just come from a church with her love Ann Walker after they took communion together, the only way two lesbians could ‘marry’ in those days even if it had no legal standing. Here’s a collection of people talking about what the show meant to them.

Elon Musk got invited on stage by Dave Chappelle and the two minutes of booing I just watched on youtube was balm for my wounded soul.