I have received a seasonal invitation

From Jerome. Steady readers will be aware I stood in front of the household god in Victoria and told my mOm I had adopted him as a little brother. What a sap I am!! I’ve barely seen him since we stopped working together. However we will have an opportunity to catch up on the 28th, when he will show off his new home. It will be an all ages event. I haven’t seen their boys in a couple of years, I imagine they are enormous now.

Got my bloodwork done but forgot my paperwork for the Bum Efficiency Inspection (FIT) so that will be today.

The Purdy’s chocolate arrived. Jeff and I are rolling around going ‘OOG’ and I think I’ll extract some for gifties so we don’t end up killing ourselves like Kid Shelleen.

I think m&d should start watching The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. It is such a good hearted show, and has many laughs, and a winning performance by Bruce Campbell.