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Cops don’t love the unhoused, but they sure do love how much rich people will agitate for more money and equipment for cops when there’s lots of displaced humans. More homeless more money.



zibethicus is all like the world’s shittiest bf, always giving you things you don’t want and whining when you don’t say thank you with the appropriate amount of genuflection, taking away things you truly need, mocking you to his friends and laughing when he gets caught cheating.

A word or two

We tried to watch Mad Heidi and the first ten minutes were quite funny and then the script turned up its toes and it slithered itself into a misogynistic ragoût. However, if you want a ridiculous pastiche of what Switzerland would be like if it was a fascist dictatorship based on CHEESE, watch that part because Jeff and I laughed quite immoderately.

For the first time in weeks I feel well rested and cheerful, waking up. All the things I was sad about yesterday are still true, and nothing has improved, just my brain not giving me such a hard time. It’s all good.

Anyway, the proof of my improvement will come from some kind of productivity, but Oh Look I have an engagement in my social calendar…. AM I GOING? I have to call Mike and see if I’m getting a ride….