Pill induced esophagitis

Yup. Perfectly explains my malaise. Jeff brought me peppermint tea which provided enough mental clarity to start running differential diagnoses. I will be on soft food and following a very strict pill taking regimen (a complete 8 oz of fluid with the pills, maintaining upright posture during the ‘settling in’ period, no lying down right after taking the pills) until I recover. I think I had this earlier this year.

Just watched a video on FB of Jim Palmer huffing helium and singing “Christmas Day in the Morning.”

feel lik crud

I am not feeling too communicative, but I’m still alive.

Threw up all my pills yesterday morning so had to take them again; didn’t feel like a human being again until sunset and was super wobbly. No vomiting since. I think All The Pill Taking has abraded my stomach valve, so I’ll be taking fewer of them at once.

I am working on a specifically feminist song. I am enjoying it. There are no lyrics except one line which comes at the end of every verse.

I can’t think of anything else to say.