lovely day

In no particular order,

  1. Fetched Paul for a walk at Fraser Foreshore. It’s been what feels like months.
  2. Collected my bp meds and thank you Burnaby Square Pharmacy.
  3. Got two different chickadees to eat from my hand, twice. THEY RECOGNIZED ME AND STARTED BUZZING ME AND TWITTERING. It was only thirty seconds out of my life, but what a boost that was.
  4. NOBODY in the park. I could walk without a mask, but chose to wear one anyway.
  5. Back home for the rest of the bean chili, warmed with a piece of medium cheddar, and de-alcoholized beer.
  6. Off to Langley Farm Market for ingredients for smoothies. (Keith asked me to be more supervisory when Paul’s picking up food and specified items. I paid for it all since watching Paul use a bank card makes me so anxious I can feel my gut valves turning inside out.)
  7. I’m making smoothies too! Jeff and I consumed a banana strawberry blueberry smoothie for tea time yesterday. Note to household IMMEDIATELY RINSE the dishwasher can’t deal with the pectin.
  8. First episode of The Last of Us. I personally loved it. Anna Torv, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey? three big horses pulling in the same direction acting-wise? yass please. Filmed in Canada, too, Alberta.
  9. Sent off another thousand words to mOm on ‘Totally Boned.’
  10. Paul actually TOLD me that his gf Janice is coming this weekend, so I know not to call him. Has he told his housemates???? I’ve sent an email to check.

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