I read on reddit that a great way to deal with paper if you don’t want to shred it (Jeff has a shredder but I have A LOT OF PAPER TO SHRED) is to turn it into papier mâché and yup, that works – I experimented with 20 year old tax returns yesterday.

Happy Easter for those who celebrate! Reread (or read, lol) my King Jesus homily if you’re in the mood.

I completely cleaned out (and cleaned, lord but it was dusty) one of my paper holders yesterday. In it I found a manuscript which I’m now going to retype as a destiel fic and just file the names off.

I have started to pull the stuff I want to sell at the Amazing Spring Cleaning & Renoviction Sale over at Caspell Junction, tentatively scheduled for June 17th, (let’s see if they go for it) and will find a box for it to go in. I think that apart from the embroidery floss and other embroidery related stuff I’m going to get rid of ALL THE CRAFT STUFF. Someone is going to get a deal on all the stuff that was already so cheap at Value Village, but I ain’t taking less than 30 bucks for the small stingray skin.

I moved a corner stand which originally from Granny’s house to keep my alarm clock, phone and glass on so it’s off the floor and I’m now wearing my slippers ALL THE TIME in the house because I need the arch support and I put some in there (actually stapled them in so they don’t slide, and put straps on to hold them on my damned feet, even if I sometimes make a percussive noise coming down the stairs as the lip of the stairs catches the back of the slipper).

Today I’m going to shift things so the backup drive has a place to live rather than the floor, where it’s caught coffee, and I’m not quite sure what the other thing was, which is harsh given that Jeff LOANED it to me and I spilled shit on it. (Still works fine, I even did a backup March 27 which means I amn’t losing any writing, and I gave it a wipe down with a damp cloth.)

I have about six boxes of assorted paper cruft to go through and hopefully I’ll get most of it into the recycling.

Russian warblogger gets blown up in a St. Petersburg coffee shop. Best guess on the internet is that whatever it was, a Russian was responsible.

Paul and Keith have not yet returned from Seattle. Tried getting hold of Ruth again.

You want maudlin Monday? I’ll give you maudlin Monday. The story on twitter this am of a late blooming trans woman communicating her transition to her 101 year old Jewish grandfather is the most wholesome and tear-inducing thing I’ve read in ages. “Who is that beautiful girl?” he said over Zoom AND I’M DRIPPING, DARN IT.

Wordle in 5, one top five in Lumosity but the rest of my scores were trash (I seem to do better when I DON’T eat first, which just seems weird to me,) and I wrote 45 whole words on ‘The Instructor’ aren’t I speshul.

Yesterday, a couple of hours before sunset, I looked out my back window and saw a cloud that was shaped like a Salish person in a conical hat, with a cedar cloak, looking across the land and the inlet to the North Shore. They had something small in one upraised hand but I couldn’t identify it. I swear this really happened, and I didn’t take a picture because I knew the battery in my camera was dead… again.




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