a quote about religion

this gem comes from Blind Lemming Chiffon

A definition of religion that no one will like: a collection of preconceptions, often rooted in folklore, that some people use as brain-spackle to fill in gaps in their knowledge.

This is cute:

a poster showing musical rhythms by the use of phrases whose rhythms correspond to the notes shown.

It was wonderful to have Alex. I am exhausted and we didn’t even really DO anything but I slept super crappy as he jumped around all night.

Now to launder and what not.

I’m finished Good Omens S2. I’ve seen cliffhangers before but this one is quite devastating and I’m going to be a while settling with it.

Wrote 635 words yesterday, again, mostly infill on part II – removing adjectives and adding/expanding description where it is helpful, correcting some timeline stuff, the usual.