that aside

Apart from Japanese food ordered in, Jeff being awesome, getting a bunch of stuff to the charity, getting boxes into the house from the car, and the sideways astonishing 1800 words that pOURED out of me this morning on TB, today has been a cluster.

There’s an elephant on my chest.

tomorrow should be worse hiya

air quality

We’re going to have the worst air quality in the history of Vancouver the same day my daughter has to move.

I’m coughing up phlegm every 5-7 minutes. No chest pain or any other symptoms, but it’s a gumwad size, all morning so far, like clockwork. No writing will likely happen until the air quality improves.

I need to back up my computer.

Yesterday I hauled more items from Katie’s place. I now need to find locations for it all. This house is already overstuffed. We’re taking on an extra fan and air conditioner. I’m beat up from how much up and down the back stairs and packing I’ve been doing and I get two more days of this. and it’s absolutely nothing compared to what Katie has been doing.

Mike misread the meetup instructions for our meal today as being for yesterday so when I said Jarmo said Friday in his email he didn’t see it… so now it’s not happening. He was just angry as hell at himself and hung up, not wanting to talk to me, and I feel concerned about it. I already bowed out of the Dunnett gathering and as it turns out I was triple booked anyway.

I have to force myself to eat something. Jeff got me a super nice dinner last night, ate all of it.

The coffee this morning seemed extra delicious, don’t know why.

Errybody try to have the best day possible. I’m praying for the firefighters.