enshinening etc

one copy of the draft of Totally Boned off to a subscriber, yay.

Suzanne is here, I will have to pay her shortly before she departs

She tooke dovvn alle of coppewebs and foldit laundrie

Still having good feelings about my long talk with Keith yesterday as we were arranging things for his new place.

Saw Ryker briefly yesterday, my god he never stops

Suzanne says we should take the cat tree at Katie’s.

Two letters into my project to embroider Keith’s name onto an apron. It looks like it was engineered by a very delicate orangutan so far, so I’m hoping my plan to rescue it from looking utterly bush league and more ‘artsy’ works out …

Titty smash at hours ungodly tomorrow morning, by which I mean, I must attend at a mammography appointment.