graphomania has stopped

I went for a walk with Jeff, finished “Guy d’Angelique” and posted it – it already has two hits, lol, I do have subscribers so they would have gotten a push email when I posted. It topped 12000 words and it’s DONE like the relief is unspeakable. MAYBE EVEN INEFFABLE. Anyway you can’t see it if you don’t have an account because I don’t want my shit scraped for AIs.

I’m going to drink tea and cry about something else now (I cried so much writing that but mostly because I’m still processing the end of GOmens2 and writing a story IN ANOTHER FANDOM was my styptic against all those fucking cuts). No I will not really cry, I think I’ll eat salad instead.

Recently learned that Al and Jen BINGEWATCHED Twisted Metal after we recommended it and so Jeff and I are smirking at each other every time we think of that.

My Singing Monsters

This ten year old Canadian game (no violence – The game is rated for players aged 4 and up and does not contain any inappropriate content or themes.) is Alex’s current favourite game. Check it out if you want to see something adorable. So for anyone freaking out about CARRION when I mentioned it please note that Alex has a very catholic taste in games and that the cartoon horror genre is just one of the kinds he likes.

Ryker was ACTIVE for the hour I had him. I ended up putting him in the room with Bluey and air conditioning and his brother, who continues to be the best big brother in the history of humanity, because it was hot af in the apartment.  (Alex has a cool detection unit and migrates to the coolest place in the house.) I ended up grabbing Ryker’s pants so he’d sit and watch Bluey and he just leaned up against me and was contented for TWO WHOLE MINUTES and then started doing his ‘everything in the mouth’ thing again. In a single ten second period he had a dinky toy, the ENTIRE FILK ONTARIO SHAKER EGG (except for one centimetre-across circle of blue to indicate that he had not INDEED BEEN ABLE TO SWALLOW IT or choke on it thank goodness) and then, for the pizza of resistance, his exceedingly dirty right great toe inserted into his face … and honestly it’s exhausting to even think about keeping up. The ‘snack’ he ate at 2:30 was the size of most of pOp’s meals and he ploughed through it like a goddamned combine. Pickles; cheese; freeze dried strawberries, a couple of baby carrots, a yogurt drink and whacks of vegetable crackers. We as an entire family are discussing in hushed tones how the hell we’re going to prevent him from starving to death as a teenager.

And because we were in a noisy room with the door closed Daddy Mike had to come into the house (normally he calls and then comes in but ‘nobody was answering’) and Ryker exploded with joy and left babbling daddy and bye GG! Daddy Mike said, “He is my heart,” with neither embarrassment nor exaggeration and gosh no wonder.

wrote 4660 words yesterday. Didn’t sleep as well tonight. I should probably just go do something else besides write today to protect my brain, but I’m also worried about not finishing it. And I probably will today. Just so I can get the hell back to what I really should be doing.

So Paul’s girlfriend showed up at Katie’s house (she was staying with Paul at Thornebridge) and was just WANDERING AROUND doin’ God nose what and Dax came in (he’s there about half time until the move) and asked her what (tf) she was doing there (likely wandering off with small items like fuckin’ Lobelia Baggins in the Hobbit) and he phones Katie and she’s like HELLLL NAW and Dax ejected her. (Thornebridge is walking distance even if she didn’t have a car). Dax mentioned that while he’s never liked her much the disrespectful way she talks to Paul really grinds him. Alex even said he didn’t like her but that’s what you get for making it really obvious that you find children inconvenient or actively loathsome.

I’m really enjoying THIS part of family reconciliation. Especially since I got a lift home with him and Alex. We all care about what we care about, right?

I send special fond greetings to Peggy the Piewoman (jeff there’s still pie in the Caspell Junction fridge shall I THIEVE IT LOL), Dax the Defender, Ryker the Toebiter, Alex the DJ, Dave the Poet, Sue the Actor, mOm and pOp the Archetypal-Cute-Couple in a house full of light and plants and books (sorry, Good Omens has eaten my brain), Jeff the Resuscitator, Blind Lemming Chiffon the Filker Extraordinaire who celebrates another spin around the sun today, Keith the Chef, Katie the mOmmaBear, Ruth and John the Vastly Helpful, Leo and Linda the Coming Attractions (they are visiting soon) and Cousin Gerald the Moose Handler (because he’s the one who handles sending me more pictures of Moose.) And Paul the Forgetful, must remember him too.