both rotten

The news … and the weather

10 words on the next Brad and Omar story.

Alex is here and watching videos downstairs. It was so delightful to see Ryker yesterday as briefly as we did. He stuck his head in the collapsible cat house/toy and tried to run around with his head out one side and his butt on the other and me and Alex and Suzanne laughed until we were leaking while Ryker made grizzling WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME noises. He loved watching the pinball. And then he fucking headchecked Alex and practically broke the dear one’s nose. HE IS A BRUTe

I have a great deal on my mind and this is not the venue. I need to find something completely blameless and unexceptional to do, like running the dishwasher. I need to check if the downstairs drain is working properly, this is a lot of fucking rain.