a recipe – thumbs up from Suzanne

White Woman’s Chicken Coconut Soup

One chicken breast sliced into chunks
2 Litres chicken broth (used Western Family no added salt)
However much you want of thin sliced onions, cabbage, carrot, celery.
2.5 cm chunk of ginger, chopped into tasteable chunks
As much chopped garlic as makes sense to you.
Thai fish sauce – a few good hard shakes.
Black pepper to taste
Cayenne to taste. If you have a leftover hot sauce packet from takeout, that’ll work, just add a tiny bit at a time until you get the kick you want.
You can add galangal slices at the same time as the garlic, raw mushrooms in quarters, lime leaves, coriander leaves and prawns if you like. These all help ‘fill out’ the flavour profile.

Just barely bring it all to boil and turn down to simmer for 45 minutes or so. Add a can of coconut milk (do not boil the coconut milk, it goes strange) bring it to serving temp and devour. Immediately refrigerate any unused portion and consume within four days.

Normally you should lightly toast the aromatics in oil before adding them to a soup but in this case the recipe is trying to keep added oil to a minimum and also dirtying one fewer dish.