The lone and level sands (new poem)

The lone and level sands

I know what’s going on
but these are social beings too
and my grief must crack
to allow them safe passage

so one doesn’t speak of it
as much as one thinks it
tries to derive grace from nature
a trick, a trick, a trick

because nature’s not full o’ grace
it’s a slow-to-react and messy drunk
and we can’t leave the room
for a couple of hundred years
unless we go to space
which needs more tech
and money than I suspect
we can sustain for long

No one knows how but here and there
people survive
the nature
that I worship now
the only nature

No Alex today

I hope I use the day well. He’s got a pro-d day.


I could teach about three of those topics but I think I’m going to try to have a mix of singing and knowledge, after I red pencil the schedule with Cindy.

Slash/Back rewatch yesterday. Those Pang girls really are sumfin.

Suzanne was here and the enshinening happened.

Much love to my people this morning!