wordle and visitors

I used to post my Wordle score every morning on facebook but I’m not on facebook at the moment.

My score for today: Wordle 856 3/6

What timing! I think I did a great job keeping up with everyone! LOL this is a joke for anyone who did Wordle this morning.

On tap for this morning, now that I’m awake.

Mek kafi Make coffee McCaffey

Just letting you know that learning to cope
with my rejection sensitivity dysphoria
means that I make fun of myself so that it appears other people aren’t hurting me
with their jokes, but even if they think they’re joking, and I act like it,
I’m still hurt. Days later. Sorry for this aspect of my humanity.

Kitchen table and fridge; musical instruments out of the guest room; towels into the guest room; night light into the guest room; shower; tek pills; mek salad. Later pick up some more foodstuffs for meals to make at home while they’re here after consulting  with them.

I am still vibrating with happiness about Peggy coming with us to Orycon. We are going to have truly oooootrajjjjious amounts of fun, I can FEEL IT.

There will be a season 3 Goom Odens. Neil sayeth so, it shall be so.

Thinking about the 1996 storm in Victoria. Damn, but that was a lot of snow.

Thinking about having to reduce my kit, going to the con, if Peggy’s bringing her bass. Mebbe two cars? seems not right somehow.