I try not to be angry

but oh well, it’s kinda chronic

Today’s the day Alex is wearing coloured contacts as part of a family costume set (he’ll be a zombie, he loves zombies). They’re going trick or treating in Burnaby. I’d love to see them but it’s unlikely.

We won’t give out candy this year. We don’t want it in the house actually. However if it goes on sale after I won’t be responsible etc etc.

Must put away laundry.

Tomorrow Paul and Keith are coming over for lunch and Keith’s going to make lunch. I was over at Suzanne’s yestreen to clip Lucky’s claws. (I showed up, looked at him, pulled out the clippers I brought with me and did all ten front claws so fast he scarcely had time to ding me (I got a miniscule scratch on the palm of my left hand, which healed up overnight) and then we had tea (her new teapot is wonderful, and she always puts out Yorkshire Gold when I arrive) and chatted. Suzanne wryly predicted we wouldn’t actually be eating until 3 o’clock. (Keith pontificates while he cooks, which slows things down considerable and he also said he’ll arrive at noon and walk to the market for fresh ingredients, so you do the math LOLOL) At least I have two beers in the fridge leftover from Leo and can offer them to the boys.

Tonight Jeff is using his Magic Tickets™ and going to a Canuckleheads game, Canucks are 5-2-1 and the Nashville Predators are 4-4-0 so it should at least be a contest rather than a snorefest. He’s taking his friend Rob and I hope they have all the fun, it will be an excellent break.

Editing on Totally Boned is quietly taking place in the background. I am a wordy sumbitch, so I’ve been taking out words.