Clothes receipt

Coat and bustier received with thanks from Sally. When I have the complete ensemble (2 weeks hence) I will have a photo taken. The coat makes me look nine feet tall, and people get the hell out of my way when I’m wearing it. (Tried it out at Superstore, just for giggles). The bustier is just plain rude, there’s no way around it. (Paul and Mike approved, though! Mike referred to the material as Nauga-conda.) I think I will substitute a black turtleneck when I’m wearing the outfit to church. I’m keeping an open mind about wearing the bustier to work though. I think about the time I shaved my head (okay, buzzed my head) and how Ina screamed and threw all the mail into the air when she saw me for the first time after I did it. I suspect this will have a similar effect…. Who could pass up on such malicious joy?

Many pardons for the typo in the previous post, should read ROBES, not robs.

Great youth session today, although the adults outnumbered the youth…. hm, there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Off to get some calories, much love to all.

(2019 I gave the coat away but the bustier’s sitting around somewhere. Sally died two years back – she’d complained to her doc for months and by the time they found it was cancer she had about a month left. FUCK DOCTORS, FUCK EM HARD)

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