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2005-03-01— Posted by: allegra

I’m dressing up for the Apocalypse again. Patterned green stretch velvet. Think I’ll skip the makeup though. Having put it on, I always forget to take it off and wake up feeling… a little more concrete, so to speak (discretely) than usual. Hey, my eyes are stuck shut!

Raining, thank goodness. It’s been so dry the entire month of February that the trees and plants are probably really happy about the change in the weather.

I really wish I could talk about work yesterday, but instead I’ll mention that lunch was excellent, and free. Thanks Mario.

Honest to Murgatroyd, my life is like – oh I don’t know, let’s find the cheesiest metaphor possible and play it like a marlin. You know those games of skill, where you are trying to get a little steel ball from the beginning to the end, without dropping it in a hole, by tilting the playing field in two planes? Well; my life is like that, except that it’s three dimensional, and the ball is me, and the holes are randomly placed and move without warning, and real and Disney elephants pogo through the playing field, and I’m still expected to do laundry and go to work and perform my wifely duties and write stories and buy the kids’ bus passes and cut hair and shop for food and cook dinner while I am dodging those goddamned holes…. I should just drop the ‘hole’ thing right now. Yesh.

Paul says complainers never get better. Well maybe I’m not PLANNING on getting better. I’m going to croak anyway, (eventually, one hastens to hope) I may as well go out whining. Stoicism is for the unimaginative.

enough sleep
2005-03-01— Posted by: allegra

Goldarn this stupid apocalypse! I got dressed up (black, of course), dyed my hair (Garnier number 60, on sale for 5 bucks) and I even wore makeup, but it just didn’t come through, AGAIN. I mean really. I know exactly what is happening. I’ll be standing mostly naked in the laundry room cursing the people who never clean out the freaking lint trap… and THEN it will happen. I would really prefer to be fully dressed for the event, but I am beginning to think I’m not going to get it my way.

Today is the first day I made it home on the bus in full daylight. Also, there are magnolias in bloom. Our crocuses came up two weeks early. Something has dug an immense hole on the portion of the lawn adjacent to our house which the city owns. Very strange. Looks like it could have been humans, but why?

Came home and found both of the kids here, both feeling very out of sorts and edgy – Katie even cut school today. I can tell they are feeling edgy and out of sorts, they are playing comfort music (Police, greatest hits). Ah, there’s Keith come back with the milk and bread, so it’s time to have breakfast for supper…. the ultimate in comfort food.

Paul says he’s doing better. We shall see.

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