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2005-03-25— Posted by: allegra

Holy cow. That was weird. I emailed Glen about the site and within about thirty seconds it was magically fixed. Finally broke down and called DJD last night and he sounded happy to hear from me. I think my life is currently much more interesting than his. He said he’s working on a novel, and because I am a bitch of biblical dimensions, I asked him to read the first sentence to me. Writers write. I shall say no more.

With respect to the poem, every place you see an ampersand is actually an ampersand, and I don’t know what to do about those hard spaces. If I try to repost it a second time with the HTML tags in, you end up being able to see ALL of them instead of just part of them, rendering the entire thing *completely* as opposed to partially unreadable. Okay, I am going to break down and learn this magic crap. Except really, I don’t want to. I want to be able to type a poem into a text editor that I already own and then have it appear exactly as I typed it in an HTML document which I can then paste into this box.

I have an exceedingly busy and fun weekend happening – checking out a bass, going to see a fellow spitter with respect to her pictures from Europe, family fun (thus far unscheduled by Paul, sigh) and someplace in there some recording, if PD ever gets back to me to confirm Sunday.

I am supposed to do some commenting about the political situation, but the personal is political, so I’ll work that end.

Mr. Damon is occasionally posting again at I am VERY happy about this. He even sent me a terse and sheepish email indicating this, which was sweet of him. Still no word from Riverbend.

Interesting that the Minnesota school shooter left a swathe across the internet. A big one. I tried to watch the flash animation he did but got interrupted. I read his chilling comment, which was that he could tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Or maybe it was another internet fake. The spelling sure was good for a 16 year old boy…… he even spelled capisce right.

Paul is home so I must needs go. He had a hell of a busy night. Wonder if John got to TO.

poem got truncated
2005-03-25— Posted by: allegra

This HTML thing is still giving me fidgets. And for some reason, I can’t delete it and re-do it. Glennn!!!!! argh?!

Anyway, there’s another couple of stanzas, but at least it chose the place where a thought is complete to quit.

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