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2005-03-06— Posted by: allegra

Very pleasant gathering at Peggy& Tom’s filled with salmon-y goodness last night. I debuted Lifeline for everybody except Tom, who had heard it during the mishigass with getting the motorcycle onto the truck (and then Shales said they wouldn’t take it, and then they fixed it but didn’t return the frikkin wheel! John was about fit to be tied, in a calm, John like way).

I debuted the song I posted yesterday (yes… sappy don’t even BEGIN to cover it) and at one point Ben played something that matched perfectly with the mando part for ANOTHER song I am working up (‘Sophia’ which I posted part of earlier) and the two instruments together sounded bloody amazing. The rest of the evening we did hymns, including Lady of the Seasons Laughter which I’ve never had much of a jones for.

Brooke, may the Goddess protect and discipline her as required, has requested that I hand over the Lymond books. Okay, kid, don’t say I didn’t warn you. And no freaking spoilers. I want to hop up and down and say “Don’t get too attached to so and so, Dunnett kills ’em. And you’re never going to guess who ends up marrying him. And guess what? aaaaaahhhhh shaddddddapp!” The bad part is OF COURSE that Brooke is now going to figure out where I stole all my best lines from. One piping hot The Game of Kings, coming up. Ignore the frikkin cover, until they were reissued in the 90’s they all sucked a mop.

Off today to buy another set of headphones for the Lyra I bought myself (which Katie promptly preempted, like I couldn’t see that coming) because between Keith and Kate the headphones got blown up, still don’t have a straight story about that, and maybe some flash memory since I actually have some money!!! and I should pick up my King Cobb Steelie album. Life is like really okay right now.

Paul came home from working midnights and while I was sitting at the computer gave me a kiss on the back of the neck that made all the hairs on my body (with which I am, alas, liberally endowed) stand up. I am feeling so entirely drenched in romance today – okay, it’s salad oil, but who’s being specific – that I feel like I’m walking into a Pender Island sunset, all molten pink and orange and grey. A big shout out to Mike and Tori…. I still feel kinda boneless and un-whiny from the soak on Friday night.

I have what I consider a totally hilarious anecdote about my current mental state, which is somewhere between Gershwin and the worst excesses of Bollywood, but I can’t post it. It does involve dancing.

Margaret Cho, in her FABULOUS interview with Bust magazine lo these many years ago (and she’s coming to town, who’s goin’ with me?) said that she identified with Judy Garland, in that Judy couldn’t work unless she had a crush. But what if you have multiple crushes on multiple people? Well then you work very very hard, I guess. (Criminy, I’m writing songs as fast as my poor mandolin-creased fingees can manage it….!)

These next 4 lines deleted….

I know it won’t last. That’s why I’m enjoying it so much.

Keith is doing pushups. I feel tired now, and I just got up.

Katie has decided she wants a bass. I was standing outside Neil Douglas guitars yesterday after getting pins and strings and picks, and she said “That’s the axe I want” and I closed in to get a better view and frikkin near broke my nose when I tried to put it through the window. Katie screamed “I do that all the time!” and burst out laughing, while flopping her arms around. Glad I could be of service. And I’m in such a good mood all I could do was laugh.

Oh and I’m supposed to buy my beautiful, good natured daughter shoes today. I don’t think they are going to be Phat Farm, but I can deny her nothing when she gets ‘that look’ on her face.

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