Much better

I’m still a-limpin’ and a-gimpin’, but I think I’m mobile enough to go to work. I took a ton of calcium, as people told me that was the likely problem, and who knows if it helped, but I feel much better and I slept okay. I didn’t actually make it to the doctor, but if you know what the weather was like yesterday you won’t be too surprised. And besides, both of the kids were here yesterday and we actually had a very mellow day.

I made bean soup yesterday. That will allow me to more fully express myself today, what with the MSM and glucosamine and all. And don’t forget the beer.

Somebody’s doing a documentary about Harlan Ellison. That’s special. Want to see Harlan read a story?

The hands on the nuclear clock moved. China’s doing Star Wars stuff… The Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty is up in 2009 and what with all the threatening noises being made by Russia, Iran, North Korea and our neighbors to the south, it’s hard to feel like the future is a glorious place. (It’s even harder when you’re experiencing chronic pain, too.) I am reminded of the deathless lines from “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”….

“For us, there will never be happiness!”

“We must learn to be happy without it.”

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  1. I’m out of breath from watching Harlan’s Prince Myshkin. Hadn’t heard tell of him for some time, and then there he is, still Harlan.

    And thanks for the “Funny Thing…” memories.


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