3 thoughts on “A study about men recovering from injuries”

  1. Interesting findings … and all these years I wondered how men kept on living without a nagging wife to tell them “Go to the Doctor! Now!”. The first time I put my foot down and insisted Jim go to the doctor, the doctor asks “Why are you here?” and Jim’s answer “Debbie made me come?”. “I see” says the doctor, and just how long is it since your last check up. Jim answers “I’m not sure, probably 15 years”. At this point the doctor almost falls off his chair. Forgive me if I am not 100% sold on the news that men know what’s best for them.

  2. No kidding. It’s just that it’s really important for guys (like kitty cats) to NOT appear like they are injured, ill, out of it or not capable of defending themselves and their schtuff right away! It is a balance not always easy to strike…….between maintaining your heath, without which you have *not much*, and maintaining your dignity, which is damned important for most people, let alone men.

  3. Well I think it makes sense now. Some part of a man’s DNA still stores the information to survive in a world of natural predators or other human enemies. In these times, looking anything but strong would make things worse. My budgies do this and I already understand it — they will do anything to avoid looking sick, puffing up their feathers to hide the fact they have lost weight, etc. By the time, they show any signs at all, they are ready to fall off their perches. However, by getting treatment later (rather than sooner) they lessen their chance of recovery. It’s a case of instincts born of old DNA, not really being helpful in today’s environment. For the budgies, they live inside where there are no predators; only breeder(s)/pet owners who would help them if they let us know they didn’t hide the fact that they are sick.

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