Early to rise

I’m up at 8 am this morning – and no one else is stirring.  Very peaceful……

I note that Conrad Black’s emails are being blown up to “size large” in a Chicago courtroom.  The only thing missing, that I can see, is that Orson Welles isn’t alive to read the damning phrases to the jury in his snide and orotund way.

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4 thoughts on “Early to rise”

  1. I’ve been imagining I had a peaceful Allegra-like morning to try to remain calm. In reality, I was awoken from a deep sleep in the middle of the night, because Jenny needed car keys, etc. to go skiing. Supper, being upon us, I just called her cell phone to see if she would be home soon. As it turns out, not really, she was in a car accident and is waiting for a tow truck which she can’t afford to pay for. Thankfully, there is no talk of injuries, ambulances, etc. God give me strength.

  2. You have your daughter tell you about car accidents. I’m getting BED BUG conversations from my daughter (I think my boyfriend’s bed has bed bugs and then she shows me welts like HOLY CRAP). God give us both strength, sounds like we both need it.

  3. Thanks for making my laugh. Isn’t life wonderful. Sometimes all you can do is laugh (or else we’d have to cry). It turns out Jenn and Simon are lucky to walk away without a scratch, the tow truck driver said it’s a miracle. So, whatever else is wrong, I still have my Jenny. Do you think Katie needs to see a doctor for an ointment (allergy, infection, gerneral irritation)? I didn’t even know bed bugs left welts! “God give us both strength”, I’ll drink to that! Also, “Here’s praying for better times, we deserve them so they must be around the corner”!

  4. I am so glad Jen is safe. I get the willies thinking of anything happening to kitty Kate.

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