For the next week and a bit, internet access will be a trifle spotty, as we are doing renovations.  So if I’m a day late and a dollar short you’ll surely forgive me.

Tom and Peggy fed us BOTH salmon and roast beast last night, as well as fresh asparagus.  Life is good.  We sang and played but rather briefly.

I think I am allowed to be amused by the paint colour we’ve picked as being ‘dusty road’.  Goodbye snot green walls!  Won’t miss ya.

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2 thoughts on “Renos”

  1. Would “dusty road” be a very pale beige-grey? I am thinking about the people who have the job of coming up with the names of colors of paint chips, remembering with unusual clarity that the paint when we renovated was called “wedding white” which was three shots of yellow and one shot of black in a gallon – was it gallon? – can. Really? WEDDING WHITE? Trumped, I would think, by “dusty road.”

    Thanks for the warning about not seeing you daily here for a while.

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