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  1. Thanks Rob of Nine. At this moment all desire to have another child has just evapourated for me. I won’t show this to my neighbour who is 11 weeks pregnant. She’s already suffering from such severe morning sickness, she had to go on medication.

  2. Rob of Nine is definitely childless by choice. I like it when people are really clear on that; there’s nothing worse than what plays out across the generations when somebody who really doesn’t want a baby is forced to have one, or FEELS forced to have one. Or there’s no contraception.

    As an aside, the first day he was at work I dubbed him Rob of Nine because I noticed that at the time we had nine Robs, Bobs or Robertos working at the company, and he came across as being rather, well, cold. Calculating. So I wanted to tease him about that and gave him a name that sounded like a Star Trek Borg character. Since then of course I’ve learned he’s one of the most even tempered and humourous of men AND he’s a pilot and homebuilder which makes Paul a big fan. The next thing I know I’m overhearing him telling one of the HR people (with whom he had worked at a previous job) that he already had a nickname!

    Also, I made him completely fall off his chair the first week at work when he mentioned that he was a juggler… and in response, casually, I said, oh, so you’ve seen the Michael Moschen PBS special from the 80’s? He said, “No!” and I even more casually said, “I’ve got it on DVD, any interest?” After that we pretty much were friends. Michael Moschen is a completely stunningly amazing contact and conceptual juggler who now does set design.

    There’s nothing I like better than putting people in touch with things they need to know, it really turns my crank.

  3. I think the post provided to you by Rob of Nine is excellent. In many cases, people who want to have babies, have no idea of the many wonders that await them. I’ve been wanting to have another baby ever since I realized Jenn would be leaving us. It became most clear in Grade 11 as Jenn ONLY researched and telephoned universities in the United States. Now, she is in 2nd year at Brown University, Providence, RI. At Christmas, we didn’t know if she’d come home or go with her boyfriend to his Mom’s place in California At March break I basically told her it was a necessity to come home and she did. This summer she plans to accompany her boyfriend (and to a smaller degree her soccer mates from the Brown Women’s team) to California. Jim is NOT on board for having another child. Your post from Michael, really brought reality home for me — do I really want to be removing snot from a sick infant? So this visual has really snapped me out of my agonizing empty nest syndrome. Again, thanks Rob of Nine. And, thanks Allegra for providing background on your friend Michael.

  4. Oops, I’ve made a mistake in my typing above. That’s what I get for writing before drinking my first coffee. It should read … your post from Rob and … background on your friend Rob. I promise I won’t respond in your blog ever again before the mandatory 2 cups of coffee has kicked in. Jim calls me “Bubbles” for my bubbly (NOT) personality in the morning. He also gets his kicks out of watching me bump into walls, trip over the dog, spill my coffee all over myself — he can’t believe anyone could be this clueless in the morning AND I’ve been like this my entire life — it seems it’s just not correctable.

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