Cousin Katherine

Aged thirteen, is just this minute having a gallstone removed from her biliary tree.  I light a candle for her swift recovery.  When she has recovered from that they will schedule surgery to get  the rest of it.  She was, by the garbled fifth hand account I got, hours away from pancreatitis and the ghastly grip of the Grim Reaper.  And, of course, she refused to see a doctor until she was just about a goner. And technically she’s First Cousin Once Removed Katherine, which I hasten to add before my mOm sticks it in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “Cousin Katherine”

  1. You sneaked that in just ahead of my reproof. I don’t know why these things are so important to me when certain people in the family leave the room when the term “second cousin once removed” or anything like it is uttered, but drat it, it IS important to me. It’s like knowing exactly where I am at any given moment – knowing with precision how I connect to anyone under discussion. Like trying to explain that I was great-aunt to the Katherine when I called the hospital. Why would they care?

    But there it is.

  2. Allegra I am so happy to hear your “cousin” Katherine got the medical attention she needed in time. I’m quite aware of how serious pancreatitis can be as my Dad had an attack and was given only a 2% chance of survival. Also, very surprized to learn Nautilus3 is your mother. I had Nautilus3 pegged as either your brilliant older brother, dad or possibly uncle. I always thought you (Allegra) were ahead of your time and bang on regarding just about everything. I assumed this to be the result of a rebellious nature, when it fact it appears to be (at least in part) a result of the Tutelage of Mom and other family members. Happy Earth Day!

  3. Debbie, what was it about my posts that led you to conclude I was MALE??? Truly, I am interested. Never have I suffered from testosterone poisoning!!

  4. Yes I do apologize. To start with, it was your screen name “Nautilus3”. Then you reminded me very much of a friend of mine, who is male, but Jim says “Oh, he’s like an old woman” who is also very precise, pays attention to detail, is nuturing, brilliant”. I don’t believe there has been one mention or hint as to your gender in any of the comments I have read besides this most recent one. I’m sorry, I hope I haven’t offended you. I’ve quite enjoyed your bang on posts and the interesting info you have provided.

  5. No apology necessary, Debbie. I have not deliberately avoided gender references, or maternal references, and have no cavil with Allegra for “outing” me as her mother. pOp says I can blame my male-appearing remarks on his bad influence. I don’t propose to lay blame anywhere, however, rather, I take responsibility for what I say. I have found the internet and all its appurtenances (like blogs) to be highly supportive of rational thought, and also of improving articulation of said thought. Anyone who follows Allegra’s adventures gets the brunt (or benefit?) of that thought and the articulation thereof.
    A while ago Allegra assisted me in starting a livejournal site. I found myself very self-conscious in making my own entries. I think at my stage of life I am more comfortable in reaction mode. So here I am, reacting.

  6. Further to the above: Nautilus3 was selected as my livejournal name, largely because at the time I was knitting a chambered nautilus. The other reasons – my enchantment fifty years ago with the image of the first nuclear-powered submarine, the Nautilus, and my earlier enchantment with the fictional submarine of the same name in Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Scratch me anywhere and I will bleed science fiction references.

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