Good night’s sleep

I finally got 7 straight hours of sleep (mind you when I woke up I disgorged about 4 world class loogies… but oh well).  As a result I no longer feel like I’m trailing a dark cloud of bleakness.  And I got some exercise in, so I’m almost, but not quite, perky.

Dr. Filk moves to Victoria on April 29th, where he will finally have access to enough guitars, enough filk, and enough cats.  Trebles all round.  Tom is watching his best helper disappear over the horizon with not much happiness.

Happy 4:20 to those of you who celebrate.  For your enhanced erudition, may I recommend the Wikipedia article on the provenance of this countercultural phenomenon.

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2 thoughts on “Good night’s sleep”

  1. Well, Allegra, I learn something new everyday on your blog. Must be living in conservative Ottawa that I miss hearing about something like 4:20 day.

  2. I’m not sure you’d enjoy Vancouver…. 4:20 is pretty much a civic holiday out here! You could get trashed just walking by the Art Gallery front steps today.

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