More baby animals

Vets said this was definitely a miracle baby, so she’s called Miracle.  She was born very premature and she IS a miniature horse, and she’s only six days old in this picture.  Don’t you just want to bring her home and see if you could housetrain her?

Speaking of which, it IS possible to housetrain a horse.  You need about three years, a pretty much indestructible house, and the ability to stand outside in the rain for hours waiting for the horse to ‘go’ before you bring it inside. According to the woman who described the process on the CBC (as best as I recollect) when the light bulb finally went on the horse went, “Oh THAT’s what I have to do if I want to go inside where it’s warm.  Why the hell didn’t you tell me?”

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5 thoughts on “More baby animals”

  1. The foal is suffering from terminal cuteness. While waiting for a local parade to start last year (the assembly area was walking distance) I got into conversation with two miniature horses. They were tolerant of caresses but appeared to be more intelligent than 16-handers. There was a definite look in their eyes of “I’m smart, I’m beautiful, who the H are you?” Their eyes were NEVER cast down placidly.

  2. Ken Levine’s blog today advised his tonstant weaders to put him up against a wall if ever he posted a picture of a baby animal. Please don’t desist on this basis. The occasional belt of saccharine is therapeutic in this ironic universe. (God is an iron. Quick, who said that?)

  3. Ken Levine is allowed to have a surfeit of testosterone, which files baby animals under the “I must kill and eat” rather than the “I must tend and goo over” category. Baby animals rule; but let’s face it, not if you don’t have the equipment, mental and physical, to deal with them.

    God is an iron? Spider “omg not another bad pun” Robinson.

  4. I used to think I related more to men than women — interested in pursuit of career & education. Absolutely, uninterested in tupperware parties, basket weaving, etc. and for those young girls that dreamed of getting married and having babies — not for me. Well eventually, I must have succumbed to my biology (as I both married & had Jenn) and I like baby animals. And, I have only recently realized that I don’t understand men at all. The boys I knew were smart, they figured out what I liked and tried to deliver it — and I thought they were just being themselves!! What an absolutely absurd set up this is — I’ve come to think men are less confused than women (at least this woman).

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