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Keith sez to me the other afternoon, “Wanna see something that will make you just vomit?” in the tone of voice that indicates that what I’m about to see will be gross but not actually flies buzzing over a corpse gross.  Then he pulls out the new T-shirt for the promotion at Great Canadian Stuporstore.

“Oh my f*****g god!” I scream obligingly, then clap my hands over my eyes.  “No white person should ever wear that color!”

“Yup, it’s about that gross,” he agreed.  But wait, it gets better.  Katie phoned today to say, “Mum, you will never believe what happened at work!”

And I said, “They are asking you to wear the most eye-wateringly horrid shade of dayglo greeeeeen – with sex toy pink lettering – that the world has ever seen.”

Brief shift of Katie mental gears, then she says, “Suzanne at work wrote the managers a letter and I swear to god the first line is, “What kind of drugs are you on?”  Not even a man with a TAN can wear this color, under the fluorescent lights even black guys look green with this shit on.”

I suspect that they will grieve to the union about it.  The last t shirt was pretty icky, but tolerable.  This t shirt is an incitement to riot and mayhem.




Dr. Filk is moving to Victoria at the end of the month, cats and kaboodle. I called Paul to tell him; it sounds like he’s having tons of fun in the Bay area.

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  1. After that buildup, you REALLY have to post an image of the repulsive object.

    Why did Dr. Filk choose Victoria?

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