after you stop laughing, find the flaw in his argument

If healthcare was prostitution

Difficulty level – No calling it sexist or insensitive OR saying “that could never happen in Canada”.

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5 thoughts on “after you stop laughing, find the flaw in his argument”

  1. You could make the same argument about schools. I’m sure that the few thousand families that own and control north america would love it if us serfs couldn’t get an education. Hmmm. The americans do seem to be moving in the direction of seeing to it that their children grow up pig ignorant though.

  2. Health care and prostitution aren’t out of the same barrel of apples. A good argument can be made for universal health care, but the same is not true for prostitution.

  3. … and I nominate Nautilus3! My mind was so boggled by this write up, I could barely get it clear in one dimension (protitution) let alone figure out the flaw.

  4. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Comparing doctors to prostitutes struck me as being the pièce de résistance. I just wanted to make a point about how far out of whack folks like the Cato Institute are. I mean, this is like a high school boy’s analogy, strung out until it hardly makes sense.

    As usual, this is the argument from “I got mine”. It’s all very well to say that the world is a level playing field, and the best float to the top, but it isn’t. We’re all born with different skill sets and different brains and different parents – rich, poor, crazy, hardworking, lazy, etc.

    Everybody potentially needs health care. Nobody “needs” prostitution; it’s just that most men prefer real sex, however perfunctory and devoid of emotion, to masturbation, and a substantial fraction of that ‘most’ don’t mind paying for it occasionally. I think prostitution happens because there are two sets of marginalized people mutually preying on each other. I don’t think that prostitution will go away any time soon and I’m not convinced it should. But comparing prostitution to health care isn’t anything except a useless analogy. What has it to do with real life? That’s where I want the argument to take place.

  5. Also, *generally speaking*, women don’t need to pay for sex. So is the guy’s argument only about men’s health care?

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