Still no internet at home – Telus is actually sending someone out

But the new computer is sweet and it’s amazing how much faster you get where you’re going.  It too came with a remote, which works great.  Some of the software on it – like Garage Band and Comic Life – looks intriguing.  It also looks like I can just plug my Midi keyboard into the computer without worrying about software.  This is amazing.

I have already taken the liberty of creating an account for Keith.

I listened to the SFU Pipe band practice last night.  I can’t tell you what it’s like to sit in a beautiful room and listen to the pipes (at a suitable distance, of course…) while messing about with a new computer.

I found a single lonely DVD in with my moving crap, and watched the first half of Hunt for Red October last night.  Unpacked about half a dozen boxes last night and I swear half of it was landfill that I paid somebody to sling around.  Ve Grow Too Soon Oldt und Too Late Schmart.