Talking and cleaning

I’m having Jerome’s mum over for tea tomorrow and I’m finding that it’s NOT WORKING as a motivator for cleaning.  I’m cleaning, very slowly, and I am not motivated.

Also, I keep thinking that I’m paying for unlimited phone calls so why not go for it?  I called Phil, and we had a lovely long chat.

window cleaning

I cleaned windows, got a pizza for the other folks in the house, cleaned the downstairs mirrors, and will probably have to clean the outside windows again as they were pretty filthy and some of them needed to be scraped down.  However things look a lot better and the gunk where cat noses had been is gone.

Katie experienced the unholy anger and disappointment that comes when your manager doesn’t tell you something and your grandboss finds out and then your manager, in front of you, tells the grandboss that you WERE told.  And leaves you to hang out to dry.

Katie is looking very hard for another job.  I think she shouldn’t have a problem finding one.  She’s decided she wants to go back to working for a privately owned business as she’s finding working at a chain pretty soul deadening.

Off to work….