I used to work there

With David Crane (at the time he was a flack) and Maurice Strong (generally considered by Canadian nutbar conservatives to be the Canadian George Soros), can you credit it? I was the receptionist, they were the men who walked by very fast looking important.  A tile fell off the building.  I have to tell you, I wrote a novel while I was working there.  Anyway, the scariest thing about that building was that it was owned by prominent Jews (Reichmans) and was always the center of what passed for terrorist threats in those days.  Also, in high winds, the elevators would bang against the shafts with a repetitive clanging noise that was scary as hell.  Also, while I was working there I got my first exposure to a fax machine.  It was the size of a chest of drawers.  Amazing.

Brief visit to Augur Inn

I’ve been fighting a megrim on and off for a couple of days and last night as soon as I got into the cleaning of the bathroom mode, it threatened to come back again big time.  So I cleaned the upstairs bathroom a tiny bit, cleaned out the kitchen drawers a little bit, got a bunch of stuff into the big recycling bin called ‘the alley’ – where I imagine everything will be gone by morning – and walked around the house with Paul, contemplating the 20% that’s left – which will expand like an accordion file dropped on the floor to 80% in no time.  We made a partial list and then I grabbed two more little lots of stuff to go to my place, including hangers, thankgoodness, and declared peace.  I’m going to be at the Augur Inn for the whole bloody weekend, and neither Paul nor I are unpacked, so we declared ourselves done for the evening, not doing anything Thursday, and I’m thinking of actually bunking at the Augur Inn this weekend so I don’t get all cheesed off about the commute.

Paul gave me a ride home, and I’ll be unpacking tonight and thinking about what to do next at the old place.

Work has improved marvellously, but I’d best get out the door.  That half hour before the phone starts ringing is pure gold.