what a day, what a day….

Lexi has agreed to drive me around while I deal with my laptop meshuggas, and then I’m supposed to go back to the Augur Inn and work on the separation agreement, or so sez Paul, and frankly it is a good idea.  Most of the items were no dispute (like we’re splitting the house, and the few sticks of furniture caused no issues) but some of the other stuff is really chewing on the ol’ goolies.

I have now received no fewer than three emails advising me to go after Paul’s company pension and CPP. Oh, and the lawyer was quite firm on the subject; she told me I was daft if I didn’t.  Like sheesh.  I have no idea how I’m supposed to handle that; part of me is thinking “You Will Die in Poverty” if I don’t, and part of me is saying, “Why bother?”. 

However, my spidey sense says don’t.  I have no idea why, but the message is very clear.  I will have to draft something very tricksie to avoid giving up my rights without actively pursuing them.  What I really need to know is if there’s a statute of limitations on when I can enforce my dwindling rights; that of course requires me to cough up a large retainer if I want that kind of answer.  It’s a puzzler.

Work does unspeakable things to long dead bears.

Tammy SAID I’d be accident prone

So it is with no surprise that I report that I sliced myself a good one this morning (on my numb toe, oF COURSE, so I didn’t feel a thing) and bled like a good thing all over everything (although only one spot fell on the carpet, thank heavens).  Also, when I went to show off my laptop last night to Paul – the screen died.  It had been working fine that morning, and then, nothing. 

So…. I went looking for my receipt and do you suppose I could find it?  Of course I did register a three year extended warranty so I’m not going to have any trouble swapping it out, but it wasn’t what I had planned this evening.

Cleaned some more at the Augur Inn last night and gave back the motorcycle helmet I inadvertently walked off with when Paul drove me back.

Patricia has invited me for drinkies at her place on Friday.  I will be seeing Brother Jerome’s mum Gail on Saturday; she just moved to town and I don’t think there’s a lot of women her age (or  reasonably close thereto) for her to hang around with so she’s coming over for tea.

With all the excitement, I suddenly remembered where I’d left the Tarot cards.  First three cards on the Celtic Cross….. Judgment.  Justice.  Strength.  I’ve never had three major arcana come up like that, I just about fell over.  But I have to say that money appeared nowhere in the reading, and I must admit it troubles me.  Although I supposed I should be happy that both the 5 of cups and the 8 of swords are now behind and below me…..