Identity was COMpromised, not STOlen.

Paul called me last night to tell me I had to go into the branch right away and I listened to a rather heart stopping message over the phone.  I joined a steady stream (700 people) into my bank branch today; we all had our debit cards compromised and needed to get replacement cards.  The people I dealt with were sympathetic, efficient and intelligent; I got my new card, and said goodbye to a password I’ve been using for 15 years. I also changed my address and phone number with the branch.
As it turns out, not one of the people with compromised cards had money taken out.  The crooks had not been efficient enough to swiftly turn around the cards.  Guess they were all out getting high.
The ATM at the Mohawk station at Canada Way and Edmonds, I believe, was the offending machine; the pull on the card ‘felt funny’ and made an odd noise, sort of a brushing noise.  Don’t use gas station ATMs.  Unlike bank ATMs they don’t have cameras, and they are much easier to hack.  If you do have an odd experience with an ATM, especially if it isn’t a regular machine at a financial institution, change over your debit card. I dodged a bullet this time but I’m not going to do that to myself again.
Last night I watched a movie that has been on the lifetime list for quite a while, and then a movie I’d never even heard of.  The first is Hitchcock’s quite compellingly creepy and icky Dial M for Murder; Dmitri Tiomkin score, Grace Kelly in a ravishing array of gowns (the red lace number just about stopped my breathing) and lingerie – and the silky smooth, repellent Ray Milland as the villain.  He does “psychopath” so well that it’s hard to believe it’s acting….  I told mOm that he was like grease poured into a perfectly tailored suit.  Great movie, and the set dec is so precise and interesting I kept stopping the show to take a look.  And oh, those gowns.  The back projection (remember back projection?) is so bad that it’s amusing to think I could put together something more compelling with my bloody Mac.

The second movie is a 1940’s Ernst Lubitsch film-of-a-stage-play called The Shop Around the Corner.  HOLY COW…. Jimmy Stewart in 1940 was HOTTER THAN JOHNNY DEPP.  Hotter  than George Clooney.  Hotter.  Like really, much hotter. Hotter, hotter, hotter.  Anyway, it’s worth seeing. Best part: Jimmy Steward has to show off his legs to get the girl.  Second best part: Frank Morgan (Wizard in Wizard of Oz…) plays the shop owner.  That voice!

I am now at the Augur Inn and I’m supposed to be working, so perhaps I should.  It’s time to review  the little book for the list of jobs…..

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3 thoughts on “Identity was COMpromised, not STOlen.”

  1. First, so sorry to hear about your bank card being compromised (Sadly, there’s lot of that going aroung lately). Second, I’ll bite on the movie reviews, but will withhold judgement on Jimmy Stewart considering the timing of this particular recommendation, i.e. you are single after 25 years of marriage. I remember me after 8 years of marriage … the rest is censored.

  2. hahahhhahh!!!!!!!!!!!

    I did up a little cartoon of me using some Mac software and entitled it “Oh my GOD it’s a COUGAR!” And of course the guys I’m eyeing the most these days are all way younger than me. But my spiritual advisor says… nothing doing for 18 months at least!

    But Jimmy was hot, durn it. He has this way of looking at the heroine that would make you drown in your underwear at ten paces.

  3. I thought the standard was wait 12 months before getting involved after a break up. In 18 months you should really have your stuff together. Sorry, in the back of my mind, I’m thinking cruel and unusual punishment.

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