I’m wearing a mask so you can’t see me

Brother Jerome found this bandit in his front yard and forwarded the pic, thanks Jerome….

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2 thoughts on “I’m wearing a mask so you can’t see me”

  1. Haven’t seen one of these hereabout for years. There was one huge one – do raccoons grow all their lives, like groundhogs? – with an abbreviated tail. Saw him often. Called him Stumpy. But I didn’t like him. He regarded the water hyacinths in the little pool as a salad bar.

  2. We’ve seen and/or heard of lots of racoons around here this year. It seems all the new home contruction has driven them out into the existing housing developments. One friend, had one chew or claw through her roof to make a nest for her young. Neighbours on our street are having their entire yards torn up by racoons looking for grubs/other food. I don’t know if they grow all their lives, but the ones I’ve seen in the interior of Algonguin are as large as bear cubs — very scary in the middle of the night!!

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