It’s been ages since I posted an animal pic

This was stolen from, which I recommend as it has some AMAZING pix, including ones I have already posted.  Watch out for the bull terrier that took on a porcupine, you’ll SHUDDER if you look at it.

This mule kicked this cougar’s sorry ass.

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One thought on “It’s been ages since I posted an animal pic”

  1. I’ve seen the newspaper clipping of this some time ago. I think my aunt in Osoyoos sent it to me and I believe the cougar did not survive. Loved your moose clips, I don’t know which one’s the funniest. I’ve seen a terrior who actually plays on the Nortel soccer team and our dog Sumer often takes the position of goalie (Jenny taught him), but I’ve never seen a moose play the game before. Warning, I just realized I haven’t had my first cup of coffee. Sorry.

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