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A Social Network my dad can get next to.

Thanks ScaryClown.

Don’t click on this link unless you are prepared to see what happens when you combine alcohol, a wardrobe malfunction, heroically bad martial arts chops and a friend with a digital camera.

ScaryClown sent me that one too.  It’s a truly amazing picture, and I feel sorry for the poor bastard.  Really.  Why is he still wearing a tie?

 How to make boats more environmentally friendly.

Forwarded from Peter T.

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3 thoughts on “Sundry and various”

  1. How in the world did a guy his size get that far off the ground? And, OUCH!! I’ve seen Jenn in this position several times as a goal keeper in soccer AND although I am completely amazed with her ability to stop a ball (her coach knick-named her “The Wall”), I was equally concerned about her return to earth — the girl does not have one square inch of padding on her entire body (just bone, invisible muscle and skin).

    I sent the boats to Jim under the title “Toys for Boys”.

  2. Curious how since a memorable Superbowl half time (didn’t catch it but the re-runs were around forever) what used to be called flashing is now called wardrobe malfunction.

  3. I tried to join but they wouldn’t accept me.
    How a guy that flabby got that far off the floor is amazing.

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