Another loverly day

My passport’s here already!  I get to pick it up tomorrow. Katie says hers has turned up but she has to take time off work to pick it up so she’s some choked.  Oh well  ….NOW I CAN BOOK OUR VACATION!!!!! WEE.

Keith watched the Happy Feet segment of King of Jazz and he loved it almost as much as I did.  If anybody cares….

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Keith reports that he was on a Skytrain that got struck by lightning.  He said the car went deader than a doorknob and when the repair guy showed up (4 minutes later) he said the car disappeared off the screen at central like it wasn’t there any more.  To be anywhere in Vancouver and see lightning at all is unusual – to be in a Skytrain car that gets hit is downright freaky.

Went to Planet Bachelor tonight for a cooperative dinner and to pick up the camping gear.  I will not be posting unless my cell phone works up there, which I doubt, and I don’t feel like paying $30 in internet charges just to log onto my crummy site.  So I’ll be away from Friday night to Sunday night.

I am really looking forward to it, although a lot of my fave folks will be no shows due to other commitments.

Spoke to one of the Beacon young adults today about getting cooperative ministry set up at SFU.  We will see what happens.  I loved small group ministry when Paul and I were hosting – I have so many happy memories of that time.

Kira JUMPED INTO MY LAP when I was at Planet Bachelor tonight – that was a lot like getting struck by kitty lightning.

I must with sadness report that Speck, a companion animal in Chipper’s family, has gone where all good dogs go.  He was a lively critter – he loved to run.

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  1. Chipper I am so sad to hear about Speck. We read Marley & Me by John Grogan. Jim literally took the book out of my hands when we got to the part where Marley was going down hill. I finished the book on my own and realized Jim isn’t going to cope well when our Sumer passes on. So, I told Jim “Sumer is an older dog and you need to start spending special time with him to make his senior years fulfilling and meaningful.”.

    Also, Jim’s Dad became ill several years ago, was taken to the hospital and passed away before Jim’s flight could make it to Nova Scotia. The suddeness, the not seeing his Dad made this very difficult for Jim. I told Jim you haven’t lost your Dad, you have every memory intact in your heart and you also know what your Dad would say in pretty much every situation that could arise — so this part of your Dad will always be with you. Jim’s Dad is still part of our conversations to this day.

    Sumer has been here with us when we were a family (Jenn still liked hanging out with us and going camping), Sumer was with Jim on many a long sanity walks when Jenn went through her “terrible teens”, Sumer was with me when Jenn went off to university and left me with an empty house AND every day when Jim walks in the front door, he gets the welcome of a lifetime. In many ways, Sumer is kinder, more loving, more attentive, more of many things than many humans. So Jim and I can appreciate what the loss of a dear friend can be.

    We are very sorry for your loss. Hugs, Deb and Jim

  2. Allegra, I think you are a source of endless mystery, fascination and surprises! Enjoy your camping trip.

  3. The last dog we had has, to us, never died. He grew up running wild in a fishing village on the Bay of Fundy, and when we were to leave for the big city we gave him to another family. When last seen he was sitting up in the back seat of his new family’s automobile, being chauffeured like the imposing gentleman he was. He had the best “I’m so ashamed!” look of any dog I have known. On the occasions when he had to be wormed he sometimes couldn’t hold it, and then unspeakably vile odors would come up the stairs early in the morning, compounded of volatile esters and aldehydes originating in the incomplete digestion of fish guts, his favourite snack, collected at the dock from the fisherfolk who gutted their catch on the way home. Ah memories.

  4. I remember pup dog standing in the living room when a rat ran between his front paws and giving a really classic did I just miss something look. And Allegra grabbing onto his lower lip to pull herself up. And sleeping curled up with the cats, then chasing them up a tree as soon as they got outside. Ah memories, indeed.

  5. Just soyaknow…
    I gave Speck to my Mom 15 years ago, when he was a year old, for Christmas, right before her sheltie (Theo) passed away. He was my puppy, from the amazing Scooter clown dog and Cody the ever so friendly Red Deer Lodge bush guide dog. 16 pounds of yorkieXpoodle, most of his siblings weighed in under 10. Wildlife chaser extraordinaire, cat lover.
    I am a little disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to hug him again, he and Mom live a 4 hour drive from here, so I wouldn’t be seeing him until November when I finish the 6 month work marathon.
    16 years old and not a sick day in his life. Blind black dog hit by car predawn; must have chased wildlife (or a cat) across the now busy road by my homestead.
    He was named in honour of Peewee Herman’s dog. Wish I had thought of it first.

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