Cthulhu’s own writing contest

My mother, may she be worshipped and adored, has requested that I write and post an expository piece regarding the deep fried Mars Bar fest this Friday, in the style of HP Lovecraft.  This set me to cracking my knuckles and my thesaurus in about equal amounts; I have my first sentence, “It was a dark and stormy cauldron of boiling fat that great scaley Cthulhu tended, in the cavernous stony depths of the Miskatonic University Cafeteria.” Link goes to MU fight song.

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3 thoughts on “Cthulhu’s own writing contest”

  1. Which one Loki? “My mother, may she be worshipped and adored ..” OR Allegra’s first sentence regarding deep fried chocolate?

  2. I think he’s referring to Cthulhu. ScaryClown said, brusquely, “But he (meaning the big C) wouldn’t fit in here, there isn’t enough room.” As if he was commenting on the weather. Then he said, “There’s some really cool Cthulhu videos on line, especially the ones where they look upon him and their eyes melt and run down their cheeks. I have no idea how they did that but it looks really cool.” Yeah, whatever, buddy.

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