Prospects for the week and further out

Tonight, off to a commercial gym for a workout with Kopper – a gym which is also located next to a Safeway so I will sneak in a small shop.  There’s a promotion on so I don’t have to pay for it, and as is obvious I find it murderously hard to exercise if it’s removed from a social context.  Tomorrow night, Zombie Night with Dances with Sheep.  The rest of this week I am keeping open with an eye to either having Kopper over for dinner or having Katie over, as she is actually wanting to spend time with me-someone fetch the smelling salts.

Much is happening which is unbloggable.  I’d blog about it and not give two hoots, but as the years drain away, tact forces itself on me much as age does, that and the occasional threats of a good bang in the nose or wretched social snubbing.   Fortunately I still have a functioning telephone.  I will confine my remarks to this tidbit.  Recently an attractive single man told me I’m too fat.  This hardly constitutes news, but it certainly helped chivvy my ample ass back to the gym
Daughter Katie has removed the first season of Deadwood from these environs, hoping to infect her father and brother… we shall see if the disease takes hold.

My back is somewhat improved but I am not looking forward to making it through a day of work without painkillers, as I cannot function on Robaxicet at work. Vitamin I (ibuprofen) makes me sleepy.  Opiates make me formicate.  Yes, that’s an m and not an n.

I have signed up for a singing course Monday nights starting in January.  I am probably going south with Tammy sometime in February or March.  And Jeff is moving to town!  All in all, I have lots of good things to look forward to!

Happy birthday nautilus3.  I hope your last radiation treatment is your last radiation treatment and that we don’t have to stick a fork in you to ensure you’re ‘done’ on that side.

Last night I dreamed about a magic building.  It was where Harry Potter and all of his buddies put their old school stuff in storage, and where rooms turned into elevators, and people changed appearance with abruptness but their voices stayed the same.  There was also REALLY bad wallpaper.  The funny thing is I’ve dreamed about this building before, but the building is magic, so it looked different the last time.  Does that make any sense?  Also last night I read the Tarot (Celtic Cross layout, as usual).

  1. The Lovers
  2. King Pentacles
  3. Moon
  4. 3 Pentacles
  5. Hanged Man
  6. Queen Pentacles
  7. Knight Swords (again!!)
  8. 4 Pentacles
  9. Hierophant
  10. Devil

I won’t get into a big long dissertation about it, but I thought it would be entertaining to put the first and last cards side by side, so you can get the ‘joke’ of the layout.  (My deck is capable of being very snarky, and very playful, and very, very direct).


Notice any similarities between the two cards?  The layout is virtually identical. The Lovers represent the struggle between sacred and profane love.  The Devil represents both the ease with which we are ensnared by our passions, and the key to getting free (the chains are not tight… the two figures can ‘check out any time they like’ although one is tied to her physical addictions – the wine – and the other tied to the mental – the fire representing both anger and lust).  The two outcome cards are the Queen of Pentacles and the Devil.  La lutte continue.

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