Salmon Chanted Evening

Well, that was entirely a slice of life. I mean, how many women in Vancouver had a date last night that included:

  • a threat to be serenaded – on triangle? (He plays well; he even has an album credit!) He plays other percussion instruments <<<--- wOOt, Catherine!  and pennywhistle too. I wants me some triangle loving from Ward's Music now. Actually today I'm buying a snare head and brushes but that's another story.
  • a listen to the album, which is lively English trad tunes?  To preserve his privacy, no link alas.
  • a trip upstairs to view…to view not etchings, but Shuffle Demon videos? Like, more than one. I got to watch Out of my House, Roach! (more than once, I loved it so much) and Spadina Bus, and there were more yet. I countered with the Dudley Moore Beethoven Sonata version of the Colonel Bogey March, which is brilliant (I think rOn sent me that link). For the life of us we couldn’t find an audio of the Peter Cook Coal Miner/Judge skit but we found the text. He countered with the Shirt Sketch from early John Cleese Graham Chapman days. And there was some other stuff in there but it was jolly good fun, like his Morris dancing road trip picture.
  • Double Chocolate Stout beer? Quoth he, I don’t know why I got given this, I never touch beer. Well I did in a rather total war kind of way, and it was yummy…
  • Leftover Chinese food from a splendid meal at Angel on Fraser? (Except the soup, the soup bit sand). Quoth he, I don’t like leftovers.  Hmmm.
  • A wonderful hour poking around books from the thirties about engineering marvels and archaeological digs?

I am now contemplating moving furniture some more and then Keith’s going to come over and we’re going to shop and try to find the Serenity DVD (director’s cut/special edition).  Tomorrow, Kopper and I will hang out.

At some point I have to figure out what the hell I’m doing for New Year’s Eve.  I have six different prospects, but I want to do stannomancy at the Dalai Jarmo’s again, and the folks say they are up for having me…. it’s also the closest.  Always a consideration.

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4 thoughts on “Salmon Chanted Evening”

  1. That was – something extraordinary in the way of a date…

    Archaeological digs of the thirties? Wow.

    If you find the Serenity director’s cut, please lend it to me!!

    You are hereby requested – no BEGGED – to post your New Year’s stannomancy pictures here.

    In accordance with a half century of tradition, we will greet the new year with gentle snores, and spend new year’s day documenting DVDs.

    Saw a very strange movie last night – Party Girls, with Cyd Charisse as showgirl mistress of a mob lawyer in thirties Chicago. Made fifty years ago; the struggles the script went through not to say just what it was about were – interesting. Couple of nice production numbers but nothing inspired. We decided that seeing all the best musicals first has spoiled us for enjoyment of the so-so ones. So so dancing, ditto choreography, ditto costumes and sets. To say nothing of acting. Cyd’s voice coach was showing. Consider – “Red Blues” in Silk Stocking; “Tom, Dick and Harry” in Kiss Me Kate. “Steam Heat” in Pajama Game. THERE’S inspiration. And that last one – I think I want to re-read the Bob Fosse bio.

  2. Sounds like I’m only two degrees of separation from the Luddite. I didn’t mention that the Morris dancers were part of the second wave at the solstice, did I?

    Anyway, should I bring Twin Peaks or Office Space, or both? I didn’t get the HBO Rome Series, but I have a lot of viewing to get through before my birthday…

  3. Oh, please and thank you! Bring whichever and whatever. I’ll make cocoa…. maybe tapioca *;) but that means i gotta buy some…

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Bob Fosse was an unmitigated bastard, and more bastards like him the world desperately needs!

    It shall be as my mother commands. I will go to the Dalai Jarmo’s for New Years.

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