Snow and fog part III

Holy mackerel.


My family just got bigger!!!! a cousin has announced incoming offspring but since she didn’t say it was for public consumption I am not forwarding her massively cute ultrasound pic or naming names.  All I can say is me happy happy.

Saw Glen today – he’s doing famously, except for the bronchitis, and all the fambly and animals are well.

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One thought on “Snow and fog part III”

  1. Snow gone, rain flooding down. Discovered by work of mouth the existence of webcams at various points on #1 over the Malahat; watched with horror (120-second refresh) various slips and slides in excruciating slomo, starting at first light, and knew that I would have my various family present would continue with us for at least another day.
    Heard the news about the expansion of the family and thought of my mother…”My family can never be to large!”
    Exquisite snow picture which, being at some distance, I am able to appreciate.
    I hope some day to meet Glen and tribe.

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