Snow and fog

It is still snowing, although not very hard, and there’s four inches of snow on my balcony.

I think my thyroid is packing it in.  I’ve been wondering if that was the case for the last couple of years but now three of the more common symptoms dogpiled me at once, so I’ll go off and get blood tests again and see if it’s true this time.

World news round up…. (not very round, but whatever…)
Leave Africa alone…. 

an interesting article on how getting the IMF out of African policies might be a damned good thing.

Ebola’s broken out in Uganda again. 

A group of francophones opine on the death of languages globally. 

(Items are translated).

Ukrainian crocodile dies after six months on the run.

Subprime mess is ‘poor judgement of a few’.  Indeed. 

Need to hear a cat purr? 

Aussies finally figure out about drinking and pregnancy. 

Who knew that Russian hoteliers had such a great sense of humour (NSFW pic) 

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5 thoughts on “Snow and fog”

  1. I will indulge myself with your links later, but for now I must gather documents for Jenn’s lawyer (crushed foot issue). I hear Vancouver won’t get to keep their snow, BUT I imagine the BC ski hills will be covered in fresh powder. A big “Hurray” (and Happy Dance) for this and the snow Ottawa is going to be getting!!!!

  2. Have fun with the legal docs. The only link that’s really worth pursuing is the kitty cat purring. Virtual kitty cat!

  3. Plenty of entertainment here before dawn today…I don’t get the humor about the horse statue’s genitalia. Horse genitalia (male) is very much like human in the first place, the principle difference being size. Thus speaks a country girl. Horses are better able to tuck away some of it than humans, and are usually shown with their equipment – well, minimized. Michaelangelo did this with his David statue – minimize, that is.
    My goodness, however did a tattooed granny-type person get off on a rant about mammalian genitalia??

  4. I don’t know either Nautilus3, but I do hear that it is a big deal to watch the stud services of a male horse in action and that it has an effect on both men and women. I can’t really imagine this, but there you have it.

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